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Therapeutic and Traditional Horsemanship Programs

About Our Lessons
We offer a fun, safe enivronment with terrific instructors and horses for your child to learn all about horses. Each lesson is structured to include time for grooming, handling, and riding.  Lessons are individualized based on a rider’s abilities, goals and learning style.  All lessons and activities take place in a non-competitive, friendly, and supportive environment which enables students to meet their potential void of pressure and without the fear of failing.
With the close supervision of our experienced and knowledgeable staff, riders are encouraged to stretch their limits, meet new challenges and take appropriate risks as they build a stronger sense of self and increase their confidence.
The indoor ring, the trails, and the classroom are all utilized for lessons.  Both English and western fundamentals are taught at It Takes Two Farm.  Bareback pads are used to train students to remain balanced and centered on the back of the horse without the assistance of a saddle. 
Students progress from flatwork to jumping as their readiness is observed and their interest dictates.  Lessons in safety, reading a horse’s body language, and appropriate behavior around horses are considered to be of utmost importance as the size and strength of these amazing animals must be recognized and respected.  In addition, un-mounted activities provide opportunities for students to hone skills and refine techniques without the added task of managing a horse.
All of the horses used for lessons are experienced, trusted, well trained school horses.  Beginning riders work with older, seasoned horses.  The older horses are quiet and welcoming and instill a sense of calm and confidence in even the newest and most timid students.  To meet the needs of more experienced riders, the farm utilizes horses that are trained to higher levels.  These horses are capable of challenging seasoned riders while maintaining a safe and appropriate level of activity.

Fees and Policies

Traditional and Therapeutic Lessons

*As of March 1, 2017
30 min private $40...................45 min private $50 ................60 min private $65

60 min semi-private (2 or 3 independent riders) $45 each

** see discount fees below for paying in advance
During unsafe weather for riding we still hold our lessons in the barn or classroom to further students learning.

Weekly Lesson Policies  

  • In order to keep the day and time slot for your child's lesson each week payment is required for the number of times that lesson falls in the month. Payment is due by the 20th of the prior month. I send out email invoices on approx the 15th of each month for the following month. Payment can be made by mail, drop it off or pay via Paypal.
  • Please give us at least 48 hours notice if you will not be at your lesson in order for us to try and fill it. If a session is missed because a student will be away or unable to attend for any reason, the monthly balance will not be adjusted. There are no refunds or credits.
  • Farm is closed on major holidays and I let you know in each monthly email.
  • Lessons will be held rain or shine with appropriate indoor riding and/or un-mounted lessons.
  • In the case of an instructor being ill and unable to teach a make-up will be offered.
  • If you are not continuing in your spot please let me know by the 20th of the month prior so that I have time to fill that spot

After School Equine Club

It Takes Two Farm is a respite from the busy lives many children lead. Here they become part of our farm family that works and plays together. Positive role models abound from the professionals they learn from and the older teenagers who become mentors to the younger students. What we offer is a safe environment where everyone is welcome and can be themselves. We are committed to the overall development of your child - from improving social skills, overcoming fear, developing a work ethic and follow through. All the while becoming a skilled horse person.

Equine Club includes supervised homework/quiet/snack time in our classroom to decompress from school. There will be hands on horse learning time each day from grooming, feeding, leading, learning first aid, body parts, different riding styles, nutrition, and so much more. We will individualize for what the students want to do and learn. 

The clubs are not restricted to just Windham/Raymond students. Anyone is welcome to join us and parents are more then welcome to drop off if they prefer. The clubs are ending at 5:30 but some parents asked about picking up prior to that and that is fine.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 to 5:30             $30 each day

If needed, Middle & High schoolers we will pick up at the public library at 2pm or parents can drop off.

Wednesdays 1 to 5:30                                       $35  

Primary & Manchester students can ride the bus here or parents can drop off.

*We will not be open early release days, snow days or no school days.  Snacks are included in our fee.

Sign up for a month at a time with payment prior to month

**New for 2018/2019 school year. A 30 min riding lesson can be added on for $20.**